2:1 Music Studio

'Two to One' is a new music studio on Sydney's lower north shore providing expert music tuition.

Founded by chamber duo Heathcliffe Auchinachie and Chloe Lankshear,

every student has access to the expertise, experience, and knowledge of both teachers,

creating a holistic and diverse learning experience.

We provide guitar lessons, ensemble coachings and classes in

music theory, sight singing, and aural skills.

All ages and skill levels are welcome!

Guitar Lessons

At 2:1 Music Studio we offer one to one, tailored, guitar lessons.

We specialise in classical guitar and the AMEB classical guitar syllabus, however we also provide tuition in jazz, folk, blues and rock. As part of our comprehensive guitar lessons we offer preparation for HSC performance exams, university auditions, recitals and competitions. Lessons are available in 1/2, 3/4, or 1 hour time slots.

In celebration of the opening of our new studio, we're offering free 1/2hr trial lessons for the first six weeks. Get in touch today to secure your free lesson!

Sight Singing and Aural Skills


  Chloe Lankshear

Chloe Lankshear is a Sydney based soprano and recent graduate of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Prior to university she studied violin, alto saxophone, sang with Gondwana Voices and played in the Canberra Youth Orchestra. Chloe has enjoyed a well rounded professional career ranging from operatic productions to being a permanent member of St James King Street Choir. Through these experiences she has honed her aural transcription and sight singing skills as they are necessary for the fast pace of contractual music engagements. Chloe is a supportive and holistic teacher of aural and sight singing skills. Coming from a family of teachers, she is able to tailor curricula to each individual's needs in a way that is easily understood. She understands that not every instrumental musician is comfortable singing aloud, and is able to help build confidence in her students. While she is a classically trained soprano, Chloe has experience singing and teaching in a varying styles such as Jazz, Music Theatre, Contemporary and Baroque Opera. Vocal coaching and exam preparation sessions are available as one off workshops and are subject to availability. Please do email if you would like more information.


Heathcliffe Auchinachie

At 2:1 music studio, we offer 1 on 1 lessons for students who are in need of sight singing and aural transcription training for upcoming tests or university entry examinations. For students aspiring to continue music at university, sight singing and aural transcription skills are a requirement for the degree and prior knowledge of both is a huge advantage. Prior to this training it is necessary for students to have a basic understanding of music theory, the ability to accurately read notation, and understand rhythmic values.

For any music students wishing to undergo sight singing training and aural transcription lessons,
but who do not have foundational music theory knowledge, please do write to us!
Utilising our own musical education, we can cater to and accommodate students

who wish to pursue tertiary level music studies, but have not been given the opportunity

to learn the theoretical skills necessary to cope with such a rigorous course.

1:1 sight singing lessons available for year 7 - 9 (30 mins)

1:1 sight singing lessons available for year 10 - 12 (45 mins)

1:1 aural transcription lessons available for year 9 - 12 (45 mins)

1:1 'Learn the basics' music theory course for students with no prior knowledge for year 10 - 12 (1 hour)

'Learn the basics' is an intensive to help accelerate students without

any prior knowledge of music theory in the following areas:

- reading music notation

- chord progressions and AMEB structured harmonic analysis

- solfege

- interval training and recognition

- understanding note values and rhythm

- sight singing

IMG_3248 (2) (1).jpg

Heathcliffe began his classical guitar studies at the age of 10. He then went on to study at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music where he obtained his Bachelor of Music and is currently undertaking his Master of Music degree. He has competed in Australia and internationally, and he has performed at City Recital Hall, the National Portrait Gallery, and Phoenix Central Park.

Heathcliffe is a passionate and experience pedagogue. Utilising a wide array of methods and syllabi, many of his students have achieved A+ in their exams and successfully passed university auditions. Heathcliffe has extensive experience with the AMEB classical guitar syllabus, while also catering for those looking to learn for leisure or play other styles. Heathcliffe also has experience teaching jazz, folk, blues, and rock.


Get in touch today to secure your tailored lesson! You can reach us at: twotoone@heathcliffeauchinachie.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!